M is Good





7 is the number for perfection.
It also happens to be the number of
steps in our (R7)™ branding process.


Embrace your DNA as your Destiny.

Every organization has its own DNA, and we believe it's what drives their destiny. We begin by discovering what makes you great. Scientists say unraveling one's DNA would take us to the sun and back over 200 times. We can do it with a few meetings and without sun-block.


A Clearly Written Image of your Future.

It's more than just seeing clearly, it's making sure you don't get caught up chasing your tail. Is your Vision easy to understand and remember? We help you and your organization know where it should be going and why.


Formulate a Strategic Plan of Action.

At this point, we know who you are and where you're going. Now what? We help you construct your very own GPS Navigator. By charting a destination, we develop a desired outcome. We keep it simple, so you and your organization knows what needs to happen and when.


Build your Brand Through All Touch Points.

Here, we help you define your brand's personality and its promise. What it looks like, smells like, feels like, sounds like and talks like. Your brand's promise is integrated into all your touch points, so when people bump into you, there's no confusion about who you are.


Marketing Your Vision and Your Brand

Picking the best method and medium for marketing is critical. Not all visions are alike, so not all marketing is alike. We help lift your voice in a marketplace where individuals are bombarded with over 15,000 messages a day. Don't just get noticed, engage others.


Reflect on All Steps. Make Adjustments.

"Everyone has a plan, until we get punched in the face," says heavyweight champ Mike Tyson. Launching your marketing campaign is just the beginning. The marketplace is always changing and staying flexible allows us to adapt and make the right adjustments.


Always Move Forward. Never Stop.

Now you've got vision, strategy, branding, marketing, and M in your corner. But nothing happens if you don't take action. The best step is moving forward. So begin the journey on the pathway to your destiny.





When it comes to marketing, we believe
in asking the right questions.


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